Friday, September 30, 2011

Dannenmann of Aspen

Colorado Fashion Week


the lovely designer, petra dannenmann
we love the combination of structure in cloche hats, capes, jackets and luxurious skirts.  dannenmann uses natural dyes with australian wool to come up with fabrics that are to be taken seriously and yet still carry an air of whimsy.  the colors are intoxicating, and her ability to combine traditional styling with contemporary lines results in a line of clothes that models beg to take home with them.  you can find these designs and more at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011



time flies.
last november my sweet ella nearly left this life.  i laid by her side for two weeks and luckily the little lady made it through that time.  she had stopped walking, her arthritis taking control, which put mom in the new title of head hospice nurse. at 15 years and 5 months (a pretty good life for a labrador), she left us in late August.  i now have time to write again and share one of my other passions:


god bless ella.


sometimes things happen in life with the most auspicious circumstances.  that is how i came to meet the handsome and talented Justice Kwarteng.  his enthusiasm is contagious and his voice large for Colorado Fashion.  his vision to fill the void of a voice for fashion in the Rockies is not only admirable but truly necessary as many designers are simply overlooked in this region.  i look forward to our collaboration.

justice kwarteng in boulder, en route to aspen on official CFW business

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