Monday, October 11, 2010

gray's closet


l'armoire:  'a gray

oh the treasures you'll find.
on shelby's recent sabbatical to wheeling, she once again had the delight of going through her mother's and grandmother's closets.  she has so many vintage treasures, it was time to put them together for a photo shoot.

so many clutches.
beautiful leather, embroidered and woven.  these are a very nice selection and old clutches are much more functional than new ones. 

check out this PROM collection.  satin, silver leather and brocade.  these are very high quality bags and so beautiful.  we just need some occasions for these.  that said, contrasting (yes, the verb: to contrast.  what? never heard of it?) a luxe bag with jeans and a white tank is super chic as well.  i learned this skill from matt's sister alicia, when she suggested wearing a multi-broached necklace with a wife-beater.  yes, i said wb.  you know what i'm talking about.  it is the only appropriate term for a white men's tank.  just sayin.

anyhoo, the irony of a fancy bag with a dressed down look is perfectly hollywood.  love.

outfitter de urban (said with french accent) has nothing on these real deals.  these cross-body bags are not vinyl, and made to last through decades, not days.  i love me some fold over bags.  not only are they cute, but your tucked away monies and jewelry (yes, ladies always have a spare ring or earrings in their bags) and super safe in a secured bag like this.  go find yourself a real leather vintage bag with character.  no remakes for this girl.  bleeeeccchhh

i promise to take better fotos.  i promise to take better fotos.

this foto does nothing to describe the unique nature of these carries.  the brown bag on the left is reminiscent of an old camera bag, rigid in form, with a great chain handle which is totes back in style.  the bag on the right is an antique find, a very cool basket bag.  here is the close-up:


for reals? this is too cool.  i feel like skipping!

speaking of baskets and solid form bags, here a three lovelies.

the bag on the left is a hand-painted bag of the town of wheeling, depicting  grandfather's hardware store, the clothing shop where grandmother worked (the clothes tree), and delightful little sayings.  shelby is always grinning ear-to-ear when she carries this bag.  a little bit of family history with a whole lot of happiness in this yummy basket.

so classic.  so 80's.

every girl wanted a dooney and bourke.  and we still do.  i remember my high school friend amy's d&b bag.  creamy leather, lots of room, drawstring closure.  jealous mouse i was!  i failed in my many attempts to convince my mother that this was an "essential" for life at canyon del oro high.  my mother was a solid in her belief that no 17 year old needed a fancy bag.  she may have been right.  i'm sure i would have loved that bag until i destroyed it, but i was in the habit of throwing everything i owned on my bedroom floor.  to this day, every time i visit my parents, my funny dad asks me if he can just open my suitcase and throw everything out on the carpet. 
"no, DAAAD."

after many years of d&b starvation, i found mine in thrifty fashion.  these navy bags (totes classic) were shelby's moms, and mine is the cream version of the left one, an equestrian style bag.   we missed out on a few years together, but i will smile every time i open her up to moisten my lips with bonnie bell gloss. 
 i kid!

"and now for something you'll really like":

vintage GUCCI
so fab, so timeless

i will say,  in my own search for a vintage gucci bag, i find they have held their value more than any other.  the tote bag on the right is the most amazing bag ever.  it is like a small piece of luggage and actually comes with the smaller make-up bag that is velcroed (another cool verb for the english afficionados out there) to the inside of this superb i-can-carry-everything-i-need-and-love delight.  i hope miss shelby takes this treasure on her honeymoon, wearing it across her body with a little bottle of veuve inside.  this bag makes me squeal.  it is really amazing.
the bag on the left is a doctor's bag and has the vintage gucci signature: red and green.  these are not easy to find, and shelby jo is one lucky ducky.

love love love these bags
nice work, shelby

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  1. Dear Missy, I have a Dooney/Bourke bag for you... I'll have it at the antique fair 10/07/12 - Frank in Tucson.

    What: Monthly Antique Fair

    • Where: Tanque Verde Elementary School, 2600 N. Fennimore Ave.

    • When: The first Sunday of every month, including holidays

    • Who: Sponsored by Tanque Verde Unified School District