Thursday, October 14, 2010

the fav


the tried and true

like a good friend, she's always there.  when you look in the mirror on a blah day and all you see are wrinkles and dark circles, you must return to what you know.  she's there, waiting for the call to action, just in case.  you try everything else first.  but something tells you, this is that day that you will ask her to work just a little bit more.

in my case, she is this sleeveless collared cashmere sweater from Milly:

pictured with the talented artist laura moretz at her showing last spring.
Milly top and coat, Botkier bag
foto courtesy of justina from showcase productions

she's been dancing

pictured here layered under a BCBG top, Cynthia Steffe skirt that yours truly hand sewed into a bubble skirt that day.  not an easy task for this neophyte.

clearly, she is often layered

shown here with the always dapper Jer, who introduced me to the love of my life on this day.
styled with Hype strapless silk dress and  vintage locket from 1828.  sorry bout that.

at this point, my friend Justin, pictured in the blurry dance foto on the left, decided this was my "dickey".  i am actually ok with that.

she's a true friend and she will be in appearance often.
what item is your tried and true? leave a comment and do tell!

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  1. Definitely less classy, but my standby that can make me smile on any blah day is without a doubt my electric blue tie dye hoodie.