Friday, October 22, 2010

mouse in the city: amsale deux

i'm not sure you are ready for this dress.  i certainly wasn't.  i feel delicate, pretty pretty and yet glamorous with the gentle grid lines in the skirt and classically vintage flowers and a touch of bling.  this dress has a lightness which is contrasted by the bold piece in the back that turns modern up to 11.  yes, eleven.  i'm not sure what ingredients amsale puts into her magic beauty cauldron, but i'm feeling intoxicated.

.LIZA: strapless A-line gown with taffeta bodice and grid tulle skirt

what a lovely design on this bridesmaids dress.  love the color, the sheen, and of course the empire waist with asymmetric top.  front=classic, back=vavoom!  usually this style of dress in the front has a very similar width over the shoulder and to the back, blocking most of the back, which happens to be a great  place to show skin for many women. amsale surprises us by changing the equation.  oh, thank you, thank you.

silk taffeta short one shoulder dress with inset waist in midnight


edgy bridesmaid in shiny metallic!  love this idea for fall and off-season weddings.  this dress has all of the great construction seen through the whole line, and is truly wearable past the wedding.  bridesmaids around the world applaud!!

silk taffeta short sweetheart dress with ruched bodice in granite

ok, now you are just messing with us. 
this dress is almost too pretty for bridesmaids.  kidding! truly, it might detract a little, just a teensy bit and only for a millisecond.. until the bride comes down the aisle.  and that is wonderful.  also wearable well past the wedding, this dress spells GORGEOUS. we love ourselves a chiffon maxi dress.  it glides, it caresses.  and look at those lines.  this is the mini sweetheart neckline we love with rosettes to boot! ah, joy.  we know we are lucky to wear this.

strapless crinkle silk chiffon gown with flowers in slate


these next three bridesmaids dresses are the versions of the above with the beautiful draping. i'm feeling santorini chiffon dreams.

crinkle silk chiffon criss cross halter gown in champagne


crinkle silk chiffon criss cross strapless gown with draped skirt in slate


crinkle silk chiffon gown with spaghetti straps and ballerina skirt in champagne

jersey! navy!  this is really getting seriously fun. 
navy for bridesmaids is H-O-T.  mark my words that navy bridesmaids with black suits for the guys in winter is a definite win.  this old no-no has finally become a chic combination.
poor navy, always in the dark shadow of black, is honestly a most flattering color for everyone.  you cannot lose in navy, no matter your hair color or skin tone.  it brings the best out of tanned or paler skin.  promise.  and this dress in jersey is one you will want to wear as much as possible because it is so comfortable and drapes so gloriously on the bod.  we love you, jersey girl.

silk jersey strapless curved neckline gown with side draped skirt in navy

the big flat bow, how we love you.  EVERYONE, and i mean everyone was talking about this flat bow short dress.  i'm not going to lie.  the feet started moving in the seats to michael jackson's ABC about the time this little beauty elegantly strode.  we didn't mind one bit!  that said, this dress stands alone, great DJ or not.  brides, please consider a short dress.   best idea i think is a shorty for the party, while keeping it long for the ceremony.  word on the street: many brides are buying two dresses because it is so difficult to choose and the two parts of your day have little in common.  i'm just sayin...

STEFFI: silk mikado little white dress with exaggerated front bow

please stay tuned... i have saved the best (believe it! it does get even better) for last.  this line is particularly beautiful as evidenced by the sheen and detail in the fabrics alone.  the styling appears to be very wearable and flattering.  i don't think there is a dress in this line that doesn't feel like the quality and workmanship that went into it.  that is when you are really on to something special. 
 amsale, you are a genius!

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