Thursday, October 7, 2010

putting it all together:  old and new

my friend jackie gave me this great dress.
i am flattered.

the dress belonged to her mother and was worn by her daughters over many years.  she dates it to around 1950.  i actually think it fits the 40's.  the quality of clothing from this time is remarkable.  the beading and the construction are very nice and is likely the reason this dress has stood the test of time.

oh, thank you, jackie.

this is a unique piece.  and i will find a great use for it!  recycling fashion is not only "green" and great for the era we are in, but it also allows us to combine periods in history to make more interesting outfits.  my friend judd would say, "ensembles".  i barely have the heart to tell him that an ensemble is a group of musicians.  again, i digress.

here's one option:

vintage yellow coat, circa 1960, plus blue bag, plus....

modern vintage shoes (suede+patent leather = bliss)


red patent peep toe stuart weitzman's.  mmmm... delish!

this pretty much equals fantastic, either way you go.

this is a lot of vintage, but lately this seems much more interesting. don't get me wrong, buying new has it's advantages.  but scouting for one-of-a-kind pieces will land you in a great category:


..or your ensemble, judd.

it's more fun for you, and it keeps your public guessing.
win for you!

surprise yourself.
your creativity is part of you, and is worth sharing.  don't keep that light closed in a closet. 
let it shine!

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