Tuesday, September 21, 2010

being yourself is always in fashion

i know what you're thinking. 
i made a promise to myself that this blog would focus on the positive side of fashion.  this is not a forum for the DON'Ts of fashion. hells no. no blacked out rectangle over the eyes here.  this is about DO's. only DO's.  maybe, just maybe, i know what you are thinking now.  "why would she post this foto as a do?" 

what you see before you here is a brave man, a pioneer in his world of fashion.  he is not afraid to be who he is, to own it fully, and even to find flare in his expression.  i truly admire.  it takes guts to say, "this is who i am.  love me or leave me."  take a second to think about it. how many times do we consider what others will think if we wear something a little off-beat?  those who are able to fully be themselves, unapologetically, should be revered.

my buddy stu came into my office the other day and said, "missy, i've been thinking.."
"i've been thinking that when you work in the gym you need to wear your cool clothes, no more boring trainer pants and vanilla shirts."
great! love it!
he went on.."i'm not going to train with you if you wear that crap.  you wear your clothes, express yourself.  if other people don't like it,  $#%&!  em."

well, alright then!
you have to know stu to know that this is the man who is as gentle as a pussy-cat, and very sweet to me. he has encouraged me over the years and our give and take has been a very much equal deal.  i have learned a lot from him.  bonus for me!  when someone is nearby and possibly listening, he gets a little look in his eye... i see it coming.... and then, BOOM! he swears, LOUDLY at me, but for the "audience", about some exercise or some crazy piece of equipment. "THIS IS BULLS**T!!!"

ahh, the actor.

later, my voice mails are full of praise, what a great time he had, how good he feels, etc.  this "show" he puts on has earned him quite the reputation.  "you're that guy that swears at his trainer!"

sorry, but it's true.

it's also true that you should be yourself, whether it's riding your hog with raccoon tails hanging off your horns, yelling at the teacher whilst sporting your lululemon togs, or stretching a client on the floor in cashmere. and maybe a vintage broach.

life is short.

be yourself.

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  1. Ta-tonka on a Harley driving down Wads?! I am just psyched that we didn't wreck the wagon as we feverishly tried to photo document the 'sighting'.....priceless.