Monday, September 27, 2010

run-a-way with my heart

:: en vogue: grant - humphreys mansion ::

on the runway: kimono dragons design

francis roces is a denver designer whose eye for beauty with an edge is unstoppable.
i suggest snatching up his pieces now while they are still affordable.  this dress in heavy silk oozes couture, in part due to it's architectural form.  the photos do not reveal the construction that literally holds itself from the model's body while still feeling extremely luxurious.  the francis signature of a men's tie at the waist adds a brilliant playfulness to this masterpiece.

this feminine dress creates synergy between houndstooth, lace and silk for a modern-vintage twist. francis likes to keep us guessing with his asymmetrical hemlines and one of a kind fabrics.


francis said exactly what i have been saying for years.  men's clothing doesn't have to be boring!!  i always feel so sad that guys have such limited selection without looking like a picasso or a klimt.  we all know that doesn't work!  it never works to reproduce the great works of art.

OH and guess what else? men's shirts don't have to be cut like a SQUARE! ha! who knew?  he chose this police uniform because of it's narrow cut at the waist and made it is his own.  who doesn't want to play police officer for a day? maybe we need a fem version...

we love francis roces and hope you will check him out at fashion denver.

:: more from the mystique fall fashion market ::

on show: JoyJen Designs

Joyce Guertin and Jennifer McPherson joined forces after many years in the apparel industry to create these adorable fingerless gloves (re purposed from a sweater), handbags and wallets from salvaged fabric.  designers typically have to buy huge quantities of fabrics in order to save on costs and the leftover fabrics can then be used for smaller items such as these sweet accessories.  nice work, ladies!

on the runway: house of arden
tutu by Lesley Temple

the designer was lovely, her designs, whimsical!
we love that tutus will always be in fashion because being beautiful is always a win!  the model felt beautiful in this long tutu and was happy to pose for more photos.  feeling like tinkerbell is SO under - appreciated! 

these tutus caused quite a stir on the runway, prompting many a question of "where can i get mine?"  please visit to wave your magic wand.

on show: in transition by valerie shultz
valerie's designs have been called "hollywood tribal" for good reason.  her time in west africa has greatly influenced her design, while her name "in transition" describes her re-entry to american culture.  i find her designs are chic yet earthy, which can be a tough combination to pull off.  lace ribbons combine with tribal beads in a manner suggesting a merging of cultures that is refreshing.  you can find her pieces at

on show: hella thready designs
by Tina Jolliffe

also a fashion denver devotee, Tina just can't seem to stop sewing! spotted at her machine while her pretty designs await their new showcaser: "see my unique fabric! you'll never see another just like me!"  like snowflakes, Tina's dresses, coats, and skirts are one of a kind pieces.  you will never have to show up to a party and wonder if anyone is wearing your outfit.  i find that beautiful pieces like these are original art.  wearable art.  so, go get your fashion on and step away from the republic of bananas.  find some quality and style for yourself!!

on show:  astral thyme mechaniks
designs by stephinity salazar

 father time must be proud of this talented artist.  stephinity is humble and gracious and let's her work speak for itself.  and it speaks.  it tells tales of the theatre of life, in a time long ago, in a very beautiful place.  i regret not trying these outrageous toppers on.  i can imagine that some sort of alchemistic transformation might occur! these would be amazing with an alexander mcqueen plaid, or a jil sander cream suit.  let your imagination take you.... down the rabbit hole!
like most of the designers at the show, stephinity does custom work as well.  you can find her at her etsy shop:

and now for our last featured designer, and absolutely NOT the least...... drum roll.....

on show: Mukee design

derek keenan is mukee design and had a genius idea.  why not re-use old skateboards and make them into earrings, necklaces, and belt buckles?  why not, indeed!  as i told one of the guys looking at these buckles, they are a win-win.  not only are they one of a kind, awesome to look at, a conversation starter and all that.... but... they are also lightweight which is so key for belt buckles.  genius, i say, genius.  derek has joined forces with english retreads, a boulder design firm that re-uses inner tubes to make handbags, messenger bags, and now belts that are perfect with mukee buckles. 

please visit or in person at 1070 bannock street in denver for more info


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