Monday, September 20, 2010

vintage scouting

my great friend Catherine coined the term "advance scouting" in reference to those moments we are out browsing, without the pressure of buying on the spot (no party to dress for the next evening, for example). i adore her and her great use of the language and now just refer to any time of fanciful forage or carefree window shopping as "scouting." i have no problem telling you that my favorite character in literature was indeed Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird.

at the influence of miss caroline and her vintage decor for her upcoming wedding this weekend, i found myself scouting at a local thrift shop. the bounty was so great and the hunt so thrilling i could hardly stop the beast for adventure that was taking hold of me! 1950's bag, nearly new ferragamos, and crystal liquor decanters, oh my!! with my man away in alaska, fishing his heart out, and my sense of adventure forever altered, i set off for more spoils. i'm not sure if i was perhaps born in the wrong generation, or a product of my own sense of old and new coming together in a unique fashion, but i had a dolly of a time.