Friday, September 24, 2010

the time is now

it's all happening. the time is now.  the place, here.
amazing things can happen when you follow your heart's desire and reach for the stars.  the universe can actually bend just a little so that those dreams come within your reach.  for some reason The Little Prince comes to mind.  smile.

in my continual blending of the past and the present, i found myself scouting once again in a few boulder thrift stores.  i am always amazed how these beautiful items just jump into my hands. literally!  they say to me, "see my potential, make me shine!"

love love vintage italian silk scarves with beautiful prints (and rolled edges!).  this clutch has heavy metal beads on silk and is truly amazing.  it may be making an appearance at THE wedding this weekend. the beaded clip-on earrings are a combination of old and new.  i love to see designers refurbish old goods and make them beautiful again.  these are just a few items to keep you thinking. 

we all inspire each other.  i am continually amazed by the powerful influence we can have on those around us.  creativity begets creativity.  keep it coming and please share any inspiration you are having!

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