Wednesday, September 22, 2010

:: en vogue: olde town ::

meet gwendolyn.
spotted while walking in the rain with her mom wearing a big grin on her face.  this required a few more blocks of driving to turn around and ask for the first time, "may i please take your foto?"

i will ask so many more questions next time: how old are you? what brand are your sassy sneakers? have you worn this delicious creation before? 

what i did learn is that gwen chose fashion over comfort for that short walk to dinner.  it was a chilly, rainy evening and under her brightly colored shawl she was shivering. no matter to gwendolyn! she was all smiles after the shyness wore off.  i love the colors, and the spontaneity this outfit gives to her.  it says, "rain, you will have to try much harder to make me blue! my cute stripes trump your dark clouds, oh don't you see, mr. storm?"

she is definitely winning.


  1. Gwen looks just beautiful in that photo.

  2. pamela, gwen is a beaut!! i can't wait to photograph her again, but with the big camera!! you can email me at and i will send you the photo