Wednesday, September 22, 2010

well, lookie lookie..
another great cover from the New Yorker.
a response to the meat dress, perhaps?  a better statement, i think, is that fur looks good on it's owners.  it's original owners.  i just had this conversation yesterday with a friend. i don't know how you feel about fur, but vintage fur is the answer to most of the issues.  since we cannot go back, let's learn and move forward. 

my mother gave me her beautiful camel coat with fur lined collar and sleeves.  i wear this oppressively heavy, unique coat and think fondly of her joy at receiving her first nice coat from my father after he received his bonus.  and i think about the decisions we make, and the sacrifices that come with them.

on a lighter note, how fabulous is it to see animals looking so fashionable?  i love seeing character animals dressed up, but hopefully not real ones!  my sweet friend rosalie shares my passion and has amazing wallpaper from the Wind In the Willows.
remember Mr. Toad with his fancy pocket watch and vest?!  fantastic!

fashion involves choices.  be true to yourself in those choices and you will be comfortable in your own skin

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